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Michigan civil war and after

Teacher: T. Perkins
A fire occurred here in 1871
They helped Blacks in the Underground Railroad
The state geologist
&0% of this material came from Michigan during the Civil War
A lumber baron who was a Senator and cabinet Secretary
Suffered 80% casualties at Gettysburg
Pioneered breakfast cereals
The 102nd Infantry was composed of these men
The largest seed producer in the world
Became a leading furniture producer
This party dominated Michigan after the Civil War to the 1930's
Many Michigan military fought here during the Spanish-American War
A mecca for tourists and vacationists
A war hero who stopped Pickett's charge at Gettysburg
The world's largest limestone quarry
A powerful Michigan Senator during the 1870's
A lumber magnate from Muskegon
Copied Kellogg's cereals and had a large company
A third party in Michigan dominated by farmers
Something the Democrats wanted in the election of 1896
An iron range in the western Upper Peninsula
Gave 160 acres of free land to settlers
Helped develop the Philippine colony
Minnesota iron mining used this method
Found in the western part of the Upper Peninsula
A lumber magnate from Flint
A method for financing railroads in Michigan
A Supreme court decision that denied Blacks any rights
By 1977 Michigan was a leading producer of this material
A wealthy Detroit shoemaker turned ploitician
Michigan could supply the world with this for 1000 years