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A president that did not believe states had the right to secede but did nothing to prevent it
Commanding officer who defeated the radical abolitionist at Harper's Ferry
A radical abolitionist who believed in using violence. He kidnapped planation owners & captured the federal arsenal
Black preacher who founded the 6th Mount Zion Baptist Church
She was a slave who helped others through the Underground Railroad
Radical Southerners who called for immediate succession if the Republicans won 1860 election
Salves states that divided the Northern states from the states of the Deep South
Wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
Leading theologian who favored gradual emancipation
Founded an antislavery newspaper
The act where a state withdraws from the Union
A slave who sued for his freedom & lost in what became a famous Supreme Court case
Former slave who lectured against slavery in Great Britain & the North
Someone who opposed slavery and wanted to end the practice completely
Ran for president in 1860 as a Constitutional Unionist
Ran for president in 1860 as a Southern Democrat
Act of Congress that introduced the idea of popular sovereignty
Ran for president in 1860 as a Northern Democrat
Elected to be the first president of the Confederate States of America