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English Grammar

Dr. Kendrick: Donna Kay Kendrick
Receives the direct object
Can show action
Correlative conjunctions are always found in ______
Receives the action of the verb
S + LV + NC = Pattern ___
An article
Can modify an adjective
S + V = Pattern __
To the store
Takes the place of a noun
What case is I and we
Nouns that are capitalized
A noun that has an 's changes to a/an ______
What order is a sentence when the subject does not come first
Name of the text for this class
What case is me and us
S = V + IO + DO = Pattern ___
S + V + DO = Pattern ___
Coordinating conjunctions
S + LV + AC = Pattern ___
Verb tense that requires a helping verb
Show relationships between two words (in, to, for)
The kind of verb that shows a state of being
The first word of a direct quotation should be
Person, place, thing, or idea
First Sentence of a paragraph
What case is my and mine
Nouns that are not capitalized
More than one