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ART Terminology

Work items that allow for the documentation of issues or inquiries received or made on behalf of a provider
Categorizes the type of issue being worked in the Action Item
Documentation of quick impromptu telephone calls received from or made to a provider
Tool used by a myriad of teams to track and captured the holistic provider story
Business Organizational Entity
CTM case number for complaints in MHK
Screen that allows you to capture time spent on work not related to Acton Items or OutREACHes
QNXT call tracking number for viewing in this tool
The provider ID as identified in QNXT sytem
Name of the health system the Action Item is being tracked under
Providers who receive a higher level of service and service options
Further depicts the type of issue being handled in the Action Item by defining its reason or cause
Depicts if a provider has exceeded the threshold for complaints generated
Screen that shows details on a specific provider such as current and past work items created
Providers who receive a slightly lower level of service and service options
Act of making an exact copy of an Action Item
Meetings regarding a provider which includes sending proactive communications and documents various information
Bucket of work that requires review and handling
Line of business identifying providers as having contracts with commercial products, Medicare, QANI or a combination thereof