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John 1:19-2:1 The Days

Vs 43, Jesus told this disciple to "Follow Me."
Common to Vss 29,35, 43,
OT prophet who foretold of John's coming
OT prophet who did not die
The Spirit coming on this person is __ ___ __ ___
John used this to baptize
John said this of Jesus
They questioned John as to who he was
2:1 a wedding took place on this day
Moses said one like him would come
Vs 39, the hour
Nathanael was under this
Another name for Peter
The title name of John who baptized
Was Simon Peter's brother
Nathanael said this of Jesus, vs49
Means 'Teacher' in Hebrew
"Make ____ the way for the Lord."
Philip found this disciple vs 45
Greek word for Messiah
Calling from the desert, 'a ____'