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Poetry Study Guide

Teacher: Yanner
A two syllable grouping
A comparison that uses the words "like" or "as"
A writer's particular word usage that creates a detailed sensory picture
A comparison of two unlike things by giving them equal qualities
A poem with 14 lines and a strict meter and rhyming pattern
When an author gives human-like qualities to an animal or inanimate object
Five metric feet
A great exaggeration for dramatic effect
Something that stands for something else
The author's attitude towards the subject
Rhythm in verse
When words are used in unusual ways to create drama
Poetry that expresses the author's personal thoughts
A type of poetry that does not have any set meter or rhyme
A group of lines that forms one unit
A type of poem that has three lines with a strict amount of syllables per line
Analysis of verse to show its meter
Two rhymed lines