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Beginner's Deaf Culture Crossword

Sign "B" for Basic Conversations
Crossword in ASL

ASL's primary country of use
The sign for BUS is an adopted unique pattern of movement, different from ordinary fingerspelled words to merge two language communities
The act of using the ASL alphabet to spell out pronouns, brands, and titles
Signed nicknames given to some Deaf people at birth to essentially ease repeated fingerspelling
Include the face and body language that indicates the meaning and intent of a signed message
Primary language used amongst Deaf people to communicate (abbr.)
The option in which deaf people choose to "hear" movies
Facial behaviors, movements, or expressions to differentiate between whether questions or statements are being relayed
Loss of the language results in the loss of the prided, embraced, and beloved___.
Attention-grabbing method used when sitting across the table from a deaf person
Attention-grabbing method used when approaching a deaf person from behind
The ability to use both hands as dominant
World's only Liberal Arts university established exclusively for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing