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HaLloWEen-2 OcT31

Author: Salsa
Ghost-inhabited. Visit a __ house @ Halloween
Disoriented. Don't get __ in a cemetery @ night
Home of demons & future home of the impenitent
Kin. Tots trick-or-treat with __
Vampires bite U on the __
Vampires drink this red fluid
Harvester. Grim __ is personification of death wielding a scythe
Furry friend
Halloween month
Above. Look __ 4 exorcism
Shade tree. Nightmare on __ Street (horror flick)
Harvest product. Navigate a fun __ maze
Fright night flicks
Container. Don't store your candy in a canopic __
Nightmarish Axe Killer (ab)
Malevolent. Satan Has __ plans 4 his followers
Hurricane or blizzard
Cruel. Monsters are __
Past. Run __ cemeteries
Earth over a grave
Islamabad is its capital
Snack. Costumed kids yell "Trick or __!"
Ghost genre of Halloween movies
Homely. Green-faced ghouls are __
Satchel. Greedy kids need a __ 2 carry candy
Satan. The wicked will be cast into everlasting fire with the __. Matthew 25:41
Rope 4 catching ghouls on the run
Storm noise. __ & lightning add 2 Halloween ambience
Secure your door
Witches' aircraft
Infinite afterlife. If U die running with the devil, U burn 4 all __
Orange Halloween gourd
Determined. Kids who ring doorbells repeatedly are __
Pub or witches' watering hole
1st responder 4 gravely ill
Debt contract. Fools take out a __ 2 pay 4 Halloween
Crafts. Magic __ R not Art
Nocturnal bird sleeps upsidedown
Iniquity. __ leads 2 damnation
Country dad. Ma & __ shop
Amorphous Apparition (ab)