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Energy that is moving around
A scale to measure temperature
The units of frequency or vibrations per second
Vibration of molecules
The color that absorbs all the wavelengths of light and reflects none, therefore no color is seen.
An object that doesn't allow any light to transmit through
Troglobites appear white or translucent because they have none of this.
Many atoms combined
The study of the way heat moves
This absorbs less heat than a lake
An object which allows some light to transmit through but some light gets diffused.
When water cools to about 4 degrees Celsius or 39 degrees Fahrenheit it is at its heaviest point and has the greatest___
R-value of a house indicates it has higher resistance to heat flow and therefore has better what?
The only substance that reaches its most dense point at 4 degrees Celsius, before it freezes
The bending of light rays
Plants absorb all the wavelengths of light except for this one color wavelength that they reflect
This causes all movement and runs all living things
The pitch of a certain sound that has fast moving vibrations
How light travels
A mirror does this to light
What is happening to a concrete sidewalk when it buckles and heaves up from heat of the sun if it wasn't designed with cracks in between
During the winter many animals will go into this mode to conserve energy
Rays that cause a sunburn but are not visible to us
Animals that live entirely in the dark of caves such as spiders, beetles fish and salamanders.
Waves that sound moves in
Example of heat transfer when hot air rises rapidly, condenses and forms clouds
This happens to a substance when it is cooled
All things around us such as rain, lamp, Charlie
The measurement of sounds' loudness or intensity
All matter is made up of these
What is moving a sound wave?
Air is an example of a poor _____ of heat
Movement of body heat to the cooler air is an example of this
Lower frequency light waves that transfer heat
Transfer of heat from the sun
Produced when hot air rises up from a valley
Property of water that is created by the strong bonds between the water molecules on the surface
An animal that makes low frequency sounds in the ocean and has very sensitive ears