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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What did you learn in Ms. Doucet's class this year?!

Largest continent in the world
Last name of the best teacher ever!
Most visited country in the world (eiffel tower)
Name of the mountains that divide Russia into Asia and Europe
A river or stream that flows into a larger river
Civilization that first grew potatoes
Civilization that took pride in their long hair
Longest river in the world
Longest mountain range in the world
Largest religion in the world
Largest desert in the world
Largest Rainforest in the world
A piece of land with water on 3 sides
Which biome is mostly tall grasses and few scattered trees?
Largest country in the world
Name of the best 7th grade team at Southside
This is a natural resourse that people use for travel, food, bathing, etc.
Which biome is mostly ice, frozen soil and low growing shrubs and mosses?
Largest archipelago in the world
Someone who does not believe in a specific god
Most populated country in the world
People who follow islam are called this
Largest mountain range in the world
One of the countries that took over most of Africa during the "Scramble for Africa"
These are created from the ancient remains of tiny plants and animals
Name of the imaginary line that runs across the world
Fastest animal in the world
A tropical storm over the Pacific
Who founded Buddhism?
People who follow Judaism are called this
This is a renewable resource gathered from the sun
Name of the grasslands found in Africa
Sahara means what?
Tallest animal in the world
# of continents
Civilization that had the 'one time forgiveness law'
A piece of land surrounded by water