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TASK 3- Canadian History Culminating Activity

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created and this Prime Minister apologized on behalf of the government and Canadians.
The Constitution is a formal set of rules and ______ for running a country.
2006, the largest class action lawsuit was settled with the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement, also known as ______.
In 1990, the RCMP agreed to provide "reasonable accommodation" for this Sikh immigrant's religious freedom.
Those Quebeckers who _____ separation in the 1995 Referendum, had helped the Parti Quebecois win.
The British North America Act (1867) outlines functions, roles, rules and procedures that _______ must follow.
A network of government programs designed to help people through hard times.
In 1992 the Charlottetown Accord was defeated and the popularity of Quebec separatism did this _______.
This Cree leader and Manitoba politician, blocked the passing of the Meech Lake Accord with a simple "no."
The_____ was a terrorist group that wanted an independent and socialist Quebec.
This is an agreement between two or more people or groups.
A person who believes in making Quebec a separate and independent country from Canada.
This kind of diversity is created when citizens earn either extremely high salaries or only minimum wage.
The Meech Lake Accord was _____ in 1990.
This formula is a process that allows a constitution to be changed or updated.
This Accord was intended to persuade Quebec to remain part of Canada.
The National Progressive Party was formed to reflect this group's concerns.
Diversity of factors that include the ways people make a living, languages they speak, arts they create, and beliefs and values.
This politician, during the constitutional negotiations, was not available for the "pantry meeting."
In the 1970s, PM Trudeau launched a plan to ______ the Constitution.
These citizens grew concerned about losing their French heritage after WW 11.
The _________ includes the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which outlines the protections the government must give their citizens.
Prime Minister Trudeau used the War Measures Act to respond to this crisis.
Sovereignty association is a plan that calls for Quebec to maintain economic connections with Canada but is _____ in all other respects.
The 1995 Referendum was _____ by Quebeckers who were mostly urban anglophones, established immigrants, and northern Quebec First Nations.
This social safety net program is "universal" in its support for citizens.
An economic recession is a period of economic ______.
This 1996 ____ Commission report on Aboriginal Peoples, condemned residential schools as government policy that did the greatest damage.
The Social Credit Party was formed in response to these issues.
This political party won the 1994 Quebec provincial election.