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Chemistry Study Puzzle

Chemistry: Nate Black
Negatively charged particles that orbit around the nucleus.
The sum of the protons and neutrons in an atom.
The number of protons in the nucleus (z)
Developed the first credible model of the atomic weights and developed a modern particle of the atom.
Proposed that all matter acts like waves.
Contributed to the quantum model of the atom. Worked with spectroscopy.
Smallest particle capable of chemical interactions.
The arrangement of electrons in an atom.
Positively charged particles in the nucleus
The electrons in the outermost energy level.
Three-dimensional regions of probable position.
The central, dense region of an atom where protons and neutrons reside.
Used gold foil experiments, causing the need for a new atomic model.
Massless particles that make up light.
Believed that not only matter but also thoughts were constructed of atoms.
Developed the principle of indeterminacy. Also developed the -------- uncertainty principle.
Positive ions
A special notation used to illustrate the electron configuration of an atom.
Positively charged ions with a mass of about 7300 electrons.
Neutrally charged particles in the nucleus of an atom.
Experimented with alpha particles.
An atom's lowest energy state.
Atoms with the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons.
Worked with cathodes and discovered the electron.
Negative ions