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Crossword Word Search Worksheet
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What flower has the same name as a body part?
What grows on bushes in the early summer and is a fun part of winter?
This herb signifies remembrance.
Iris stand for royalty, but also for wisdom and what?
This flower expresses support and encouragement.
What is the world's largest fish?
Calming aromatherapy properties come from what?
What food comprises 99 percent of a giant panda's diet?
What animal has the highest blood pressure?
What are little purple pansies touched with?
A type of garden fertilizer
A group of alligators is called a?
Gentoo, Chinstrap and Adelie are all species of which animal?
Lemurs are native to only one country on earth. Name it?
A garden vegetable people are happy to give away.
What color is spider blood?