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Mark's Birthday Puzzle 2021

After the forests have burned
Sebastian ___, who the Habs once pursued
Ripe Ottawa redevelopment zone
Mexican standby on busy nights
Little flaps that potrude from a document
Garlic, in Paris
Acute coronary syndrome, in short
Anne and Melissa, for example
Sickly looking
Suffix with tickle
Beach city in India popular with hippies
Cuts Like a Knife singer
Storied biblical town
Stand on your tippy _____
Social media images
Born July 23, 1974
Bettman's domain
"Give Mikey the cereal. Let's see if he _____."
Signa's cry, alternate spelling
Lego, to a child
Prof from Oshawa
Sub-sarahan Africa (abr.)
Rod Roy trains up a ____
Bicycle category
Here, in old English
Cross him and he will give ____ beating!
Reference book that helps you find a place
Hot, troubled country on the Horn
A feminine one, in Quebec City
Suffix to cry and swim
Mark's adopted home
Mandela's org.
Shovel it
"He ain't heavy, ____ my brother."
Helicopter of doom
Runners-up in recent hockey tournament
Predecessor to CIA
14-day obstacle to travel
Internet country code for Ukraine
Store secretly
Brazilian city, short form
Pointy-eared Tolkien creation
Going No. 2
Young Redwood soccer star
Our continent, abr.
Uncle Tom's persona
Three of them were pretty handy with swords
Manny and Livingstons are fans of these
Don't invite Justin to one of these in 1992
Eights in Spanish
No reply, from a teen's snapchat
Acknowledgment of Receipt, shortened
Wish we were this in relation to Covid-19
Mexico lost this to the gringos
Big city in Poland
Pretty nice garden in England
Paramilitary force in 1970s Belfast
What happened to Mark 47 years ago this month
Grandma's second husband
Opposite of me
Friend, in Senegal
Local level government, abr.
How computers take over