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Bring Science Alive text

An organism that eats other organisms as food.
A group of living things and the environment that supports them.
A molecule that stores food in the form of oils.
Able to be broken down by biological agents, like bacteria.
An organism that mainly eats animals.
A relationship between 2 species in which both species benefit.
The process by which green plants use solar energy to make food.
When material is removed by wind, water, ice, or gravity.
An organism that eats waste and dead things.
The green pigment in plants.
Who eats who in an ecosystem.
When a group of organisms ceases to exist.
Information gained by observation or experimentation.
Combination of 2 or more atoms
Earth's innermost layer.
Help build muscles.
An individual living thing.
Anything that has mass and volume
When natural resources are used in a way that makes them available to future generations.
Makes the rigid walls of a plant cell.
Parts of a cell that convert food into energy.
A large area with certain physical conditions and the organisms that live there.
An organism that eats both plants and animals.
How water moves through ecosystems. (2 words, no space)
An organism that mainly eats plants.
Fundamental building block of matter
An organism that uses energy from the sun to make food.
Earth's outermost layer.
The amount of matter in an object
The smallest part of an element