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Lessons 71-75: "tch" & "ch" endings, Drop-e rule, Prefix "pre"

Spelling Mastery Level C - Lesson 51: Teacher: Gemma Keremedjiev
My favorite ____ is Mark Twain.
If you can ____ something to someone else, you really understand it yourself!
It's fun to ____ new books from our library.
We bought a ____ of carrots at the Farmers' Market.
I can't find my keys and have to ____ for them.
No offense, but you need to wash your ____.
Mayor Evans gave her ____ on Monday.
Getting into a cage with a lion is not a ____ I will try in this lifetime.
The coin looked important, but in fact was ____.
Good manners encourage a ____ , pleasant environment.
____ usually take more time to do things than adults (except when eating ice cream ;-)
How will we ____ Grandma's broken teacup?
Let's rest on that ____ before we finish our walk.
This lettuce looks so old...Do you think it's still ____?
Many computers today have a ____ screen.
There's a beautiful ____ of the lake from the top floor.
A ____ is very helpful because it shows you what you don't yet know.
An empty pen is ____.
If you don't do much reading, you'll ____ more words.
It may seem like the situation is ____, but we'll figure out a solution.
It is said that Hercules had the ____of ten men.
Enter ____ the door on the right.
____ an ancient painting is very difficult to do.
Always strive to ____ your mind.
The light ____ is by the dining room table.
We had ____ that you would be able to come with us to the skating rink.
Our dog likes to sleep on the ____.