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Modern Hawaiian History Vocab 1

The war god.
God of life and light.
This part of the Hawaiian Kingdom's economy saw hundreds of ships docked in ports. It also brought in new businesses and diseases.
The set of laws in ancient Hawaii, such as men and women eating separately. To break them profaned the gods and exacted strict punishments.
Hawaiians saw whales as the greatest form of Kanaloa and made these necklaces from their teeth.
The free trade agreement between the US and Hawaiian Kingdom. This empowered the big sugar interests, who lead the overthrow.
Trade in this fragrant wood damaged the environment, caused a near famine and caused the crown to go into debt.
Favorite wife of Kamehameha and Kuhina Nui after his death. She was instrumental in breaking kapu.
133.33 pounds of Sandalwood.
Called Ko in Hawaiian. This crop fuel the Hawaiian economy, but also empowered those who overthrew the monarchy.
A temple.
He united the islands and became king in 1810. His son Liholiho succeeded him in 1819.
The leader of the committee of safety, that overthrew the Hawaiian Monarchy.
Priests or experts in their field.
The type of economy in ancient Hawaii. People only grew or caught what they needed to survive.
God of the ocean.
God of peace.