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atmosphere and weather/climate

The outermost layer - part of the thermosphere - extends thousands of km into space
We live n this layer and it is responsible for our weather.
Outermost layer of the atmosphere
Average year after year conditions of temperature, precipitation, winds and clouds in an area.
This decreases as we go higher and higher into the atmosphere.
The condition of earth's atmosphere at a particular time and place. Our current condition in our troposphere.
Element used in thermometers and barometers that expands with temperature and pressure changes to measure these differences b/c it doesn't freeze.
"Middle layer" of atmosphere. protects earth from asteroids that burn up in this layer
An instrument used to measure changes in air pressure.
Just above our layer of "living," this atmospheric layer contains the ozone, goes up to about 50km above earth and starts out cold (about -60 degrees C and then gets warmer.
The atmospheric layers are mostly divided by this characteristic of each layer.