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Rogers's Science of Unitary Human Beings

Teacher: Molly Crosby
First book to present the theory was titled An Introduction to the Theoretical Basis of ____
2 energy fields are ___ to each other
___ is toward increasing complexity and diversity
The human field and the ____ field are constantky exchanging their energy
Last journal article written by Rogers "Nursing Science and the ___age"
The ___ field is the fundamental unit of both the living and nonliving.
A ___ being is an irreducible, indivisible, pan dimensional energy field.
The energy field provides a way to perceive people and the environment as irreducible ____
A creative process directed toward growing diversity of field pattern and organization
Humans are viewed as ___with the universe
A unified whole has its own distinctive characteristics which cannot be perceived by looking at, describing, or summarizing the ____
Person is viewed as a ____ whole.
Theory was used as a basis to study ___ among power, uncertainty, self- transcendence, and quality of life in breast cancer survivors
Original term replaced with unitary human beings
Title of theory is ___ of Unitary Human Beings
Environement and human fields___
Ideas are continually _____
Type of system Roger's model is
Characteristics and behavior emerging out of the mutual, simultaneous interaction of the human and environemntal fields
Human beings and the environment are ?