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Science World 1/20/20

IMAX:  Space Station
Very important and noteworthy
Catching a quick nap
The study of matter and its interactions
Studies space and the objects in our universe
To bring a smell to your nose
Chemically combined elements
To hang out and be comfortable
Something created that is not found in nature
A person who studies the universe around and within us
The natural satellite of a planet
The opposite of sleepy
Sail west from California and you'll hit ______
Those that find new discoveries in science
The main organ in our nervous system
A bad smell
A yummy candy
Used to observe objects far away
How big something is
Heat energy
The curved path of a satellite around a planet
The opposite of hot
Modeled to represent the real thing
The arrangement of elements in a compound
To be tight, wound up, and uncomfortable
The smashing of objects into each other
Curved supportive shape
Used to measure distance in the metric system
A scent or smell
Strong and Durable
Older than children, younger than adults
Largest planet in our solar system
Something that needs to be solved
Chemical messengers in our bodies
A visual picture of data from an experiment
Programmed for simple repetitive motion