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Vocabulary Unit 6-10 Crossword

Twisted or turned; wrong, amiss
To gain possession of; to acquire
Showing great enthusiasm or devotion to a goal
To go aboard some means of transportation; to set out on a vessel
Awkward or clumsy; lacking in ability or competence
To hold back
To weigh down unnecessarily; to burden; to impede action
Inactive; acted upon but not active in return
To be numerous or in great quantity
Intensity of expression or feeling
Help; relief; assistance
To ward off; to turn away; to keep from happening
A short traditional saying; a proverb
Enthusiastic public praise and approval
To make uneasy; to upset
To cry out loudly
To be victorious; to persuade
To become weaker; to be unsteady
To inspire with love; captivate
Possessed at birth; inborn; a natural characteristic