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Vocabulary & Reading Review--History of Chocolate & Baobab

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ELD Period 6
This part of the tree is underground.
An important Mesoamerican culture that was centered in Southern Mexico and Guatamala.
The customs and traditions by which people in a country live.
A bird with a 7 ft wingspan which lays one egg a year.
The Aztecs added this to chocolate to make it taste hot.
A word that means how long something lives
Your reading says that the leaves of the Baobab tree taste like this vegetable.
Costs a lot of money.
Ceremony associated with a particular celebration like a wedding or a birthday.
Something that soaks up water
Something that is added to food or drink to make it sweet.
The number of countries that Baobab provides resources
To pay reverence to like a God
The company that invented milk chocolate.
A spice that Europeans added to chocolate.
Class of people who have money and power.
An amount of feed allowed for a soldier for a certain period of time.
A product that you buy that was made in another country.
What the elephant uses to break the bark of the Baobab tree
This is the biggest part of a tree