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U.S History

Democracy vs Communism
Moving from one area to another area
Nations and cultures of Spain and Portugal
An area that is mostly countryside
Native people of a specific area
Communist leader of Cuba
Movement of people from the old world to the new world
The languages and culture in Roman Empire
Relocate to a new country for employment
Interaction/integration of the world through exchange
Process of a person becoming a legal citizen of a country
Allowed the people of Quebec to keep their language and religion
A person of Latin American ancestry
A ban on trade
Spanish agriculture plantations
A group is in control of distributing a product/service
Countries along the Andes
Violent extremism that has to do with the drug trade
The name of Russia during the Cold War
Communism took over Cuba
The denomination of Christianity
Overthrowing authority
The government is in control/owns everything within a country
Illegal smuggling of people or products
The term for the Americas
French speaking country in Canada
Political science term for five economies