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The French Revolution

In 1799, this dictator came to power in a coup d'Etat
Wife of King Louis the XVI
The machine used to behead counterrevolutionaries
Name of the women who marched to Varsailles to kill the queen.
France's population was divided into 3 groups called
The promise that the National Convention made to make a new constitution
The leader of the Reign of Terror
The old fortress in Paris used as a prison and place to keep weapons
Napoleon's set of civil laws
The author of the news paper, The Friend of the People, that called to execute more people
Representatives from the 3rd Estate called themselved the
System of government where people have the power
Time period from July 1793 to July 1794 when thousands were executed without fair trial.
Before the revolution, France had this type of government.
The palace where the king and queen lived
What church lost it's power as a result of the revolution
Marie Anotinette's country of origin
What revolution inspired the French Revolution