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science chapter 3 crossword

Teacher: Mr. Vohs; Written by Audrey Murphy
Where gas is the force of an outwards push
An example of a liquid
Temperature that liquid boils at
Vaporization that takes place on the face of an liquid
Has a defined shape and volume
When a graph of two variables is a straight line
When the product of two variables is constant
Particles that are not arranged in a regular pattern
Temperature melting occurs at
When liquid changes to a gas
When surface particles of a solid gain enough energy that they form a gas
Can change volume very easily
Change from a solid to a liquid
Thickness of a liquid
Two variables is a straight line passing through the origin
Has definite shape but no volume of its own
Solids that are made up of crystals
Change from a liquid to a gas
Change from a liquid to a solid
Result of an inward pull of molecules
Change in state from a gas to a liquid