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Criminal Law Chapter 7

Teacher: Mr. Grant
One test for BAC.
If your BAC is .08 or higher.
The most widely abused substance in the US today.
_______ people are at greater risk of injury or death in alcohol related accidents.
Driver's license taken away for a period of time.
The different kinds of chemicals that people abuse.
Driver's license permanently taken away.
Some say we should treat drug abuse as a ______ problem rather than a crime.
ND ______ consent law means submit to a BAC in exchange for driving privilege.
Use of these, either legal or illegal, that impair driving is a DWI/DUI.
It's a ______If under 21 and drive with any alcohol in system.
________ jail time common for selling drugs, even first offense.
Refusal to take this test results in immediate and automatic suspension of driver's license.