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Teacher: E. Riehm
Transportation invention in 1800s that rode on rails
President of the United States who supported Indian removal and refused to enforce the Supreme Court ruling that would have prevented Indian removal.
Cherokee chief of mixed heritage who fought against Indian removal.
Georgia's third capital; location of the burning of the Yazoo land act.
System of land distribution that provided men who were 21 years and older the chance to win a plot of land
City in north Georgia which was the site of the first gold rush in the United States
A court case in the U.S. Supreme Court that ruled the Cherokee Nation did not have to follow the laws of Georgia
Thousands of Native Americans were forced from their homes and marched to Oklahoma. Thousands died on the trip from exposure and disease.
A Creek Indian chief who was executed by his own tribe for angering them and signing the Treaty of Indian Springs which gave away Creek land
First written language of the Cherokee Indians
An invention that led to the increase of slavery in the United States
A scandal in Georgia that involved the illegal sale of land to land speculators. Legislators had accepted bribes
One of the churches that grew in size during Georgia's expansion to the west.
System of land distribution that provided 200 acres of land to the head of a household. They would also receive 50 extra acres for each slave and family member.
Inventor of the Cotton Gin that separated seed from the fiber
United States Supreme Court Judge who ruled in favor of sovereignty for the Cherokee Nation
A Native American who was also named George Gist. He created the Syllabary
First capital of Georgia