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First Grade "Sound" words!

Teacher: Frau Ingram
What is the name of a musical instrument that has a low pitch?
What is the name of a musical instrument with a high pitch?
These warn drivers to get out of the way!
What is made when something vibrates?
A doctor or nurse uses one of these to listen to you heart beat.
This word means to move back and forth very fast!
When you do this, you are using a little energy to make a soft sound
Sound with a pattern.
Some sounds are ______ that keep us safe!
When you yell, you have to use a not of this to make the sound loud.
This word means how loud or soft a sound is.
These (2 words) beep when something is burning!
Slow vibrations cause a _____ pitch.
This word means how high or low a sound is.
The faster something vibrates, the ____ the sound is.