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Latin Roots

You must use this when you are setting up your Television.
My sister does not always have a good ____ because she doesn't do her homework.
Primitive, first, or ancient
I ____ my sister's finger when I fell on it.
I am the ____ and I will not have this in my hotel!
to bear, carry, or bring
Martha didn't know what the word respiratory meant, so she used a ____
to break
to believe or trust
some people are willing to do more work for extra ____
Harry said to Larry, ' You have been hit by the enemy plane, press ____ !
Napoleon started a ____ after he chased of Snowball.
This system in the body consists of the stomach, large intestines, small intestines, and etc.
I still ____ the time I broke my wrist.
studies old artifacts
My history teacher likes making ____ with his hands when he talks.
Francis was ____ when he asked Angelina to the dance
to speak or tell
Even if you don't like it, you have to know ____ and percents when you grow up.
to throw
another way to say king
Some people do so bad at finishing homework, it is ____