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bible crossword puzzle #1

Author: Cynthia, Arliss, Rita, & Darla
What "brave" man lived only 365 years (BSB)
"________ & his 300 men" (BSB)
This man was thrown up (BSB)
The angel who announced a birth (BSB)
Bartholomew's other name (BSB) hint:one of the twelve
He had 10 strikes against him
Hebrew name of #16 down
Only woman judge (Judges 4:4)
He was punished for praying (BSB)
Known as a copyist and has a book named after him
Hebrew name of #11 down
The tower of ________ (BSB)
She hid the spies (BSB)
Strongest man (BSB)
Book of songs of praise
First faithful human
City of true worship
He doubted Jesus was resurrected (John 20:27)
Mother of John the Baptist (BSB)
He was known as a "preacher of righteousness" (BWI)
He was hired by the Philistines to fight for them (BSB)
He was sold by his brothers (BSB)
The physician(BWI)
Book of creation
One of the 3 young Hebrews (BSB)
Another name for "house of God"
She chose bad friends and many people died (BSB)
One of the 3 young Hebrews (BSB)
Noah's craft (BSB)
He was sent to rebuild Jerusalem's walls
Where Daniel & the 3 young Hebrews were exiled (BSB)
Giant crocodile-like creature (Job 41:1*)
He was raised in the truth by his mom and grandma (BSB)
Jehovah's chosen nation